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Event planning - A Profession With Creativity And Enjoyment

In recent years, the concept of Event Planning has grown with a rapid pace. Whereas, Event Planning can be described as the process of planning any event, as marriage party event, reception party event any festival event, concert event etc. Decades ago, the organizers of event have to plan their event by themselves; which was very cumbersome at times. Now, there are Event Planners, who plan events according to the needs and charge for them.

The planning of event is totally dependent upon the type of event is; whether personal, corporate, or related to government sector. Depending upon the nature of event; the event planner decides a theme or pattern for the event. The Event Planers work according to the budget given to them. They establish dates/ alternate dates, select and reserve event site etc. They also look upon the aspects, related to; acquiring permits for alcohol, insurance licenses, etc. They arrange for speakers, coordinate location, and supports; such as electricity and related utilities. They also arrange things like: tables, chairs, tents, arrange decor, event support and security.

There are few key points that an Event Planner always has to keep in mind; which are as follows:

  • He/she has to make sure that information flows generously across the team.
  • Cross check on speakers and all further performers.
  • Do feature planning with a timeline.
  • Understand the fine print, be acquainted with all details.
  • Have a sparkler clear rationale for the event.
  • Pay for event insurance etc.
  • An event planner needs to administer their time wisely for the event, and the length of grounding needed for each event; in order to succeed.

    As far as the career related option; Event planning is a perfect career for people, who are creative and good organizers of things. There is no, or very less learning/training required for becoming an Event Planner. If you wish, you can go for some basic training activities; related to learning how to handle all the pressure and work competently. If you are perfect at communication/persistence level then it is the perfect career for you. There are a lot of different names given to an event planner; such as a meeting coordinator, a convention planner, a special event coordinator, and a meeting manager etc.

    Regarding qualification, to become an Event Planner; the basic graduation will work. You just need to be enthusiastic, hardworking, creative, energetic, having ability to prosper demands, etc.

    This line of work is hasty and demanding. Planners’ face deadlines, and communicates with several people at a time. They spend the majority of their time in offices, but once meeting with clients; they have to go on-site. They have to carry out some physical activity too; such as carrying things like boxes of materials and decorations or supplies required for the event. Sometimes, long working hours can be a part of the job. At times, they have till midnight or 24x7. But all of these matters less, as the profession is quite interesting, and enthusiastic along with lot of enjoyment and lucrative salary.

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    In the rat race of getting jobs in IT sector; there is a profession like Event Exhibition Organiser, which has very less to do with your qualification and heavy degrees. While working as an Event Planner; you will feel at home and enjoy to the fullest. You just need to be creative/enthusiastic and full of energy.