About Us

The Unique Event Organization (Austrick Event) established the organization in 2008 from a background in activities PR and marketing as one of the top 20 devoted event control companies in the India.The company started out their first India office in Delhi in 2008, then in Other Branch in 20010. In 2008 they established an ideal collaboration in Modern Indian to service the Indian market.

Austrick Event provides live marketing communications through activities for a different customers in financial services, technology, medication, media, legal, production, activities, education and non-profits. Over the last three years, Sue has produced activities in over 25 nations throughout Asian and European nations, USA, African-american, South America, Middle Eastern and Japan.

The company has won several worldwide event control prizes for their work such as six SPECIAL EVENT GALA prizes, ten ISES ESPRIT prizes, and five EVIE prizes. Her personal awards include International Occasion Manufacturer of the Year by Occasion Solutions Journal in 2010, Life-time Accomplishment Prize from the India International Unique Events Community in 2011, Business Innovator Publications Top 50 Women Extraordinaire Prize truly and Unique Event Publications Top 25 Greatest Market Influencers of the last 4 years this year.

Austrick Event started as an individual activity, preparing unique events for loved ones. After amazing achievements on an individual level, we made the decision to start the gates to the community. Austrick Event has recognized a powerful system of providers who provide nothing but the best in their market. Our objective is to easily and effectively perform your next occasion by going above and beyond your objectives.

Some clients like having a hands-on strategy in preparing their events, while others want us to take their perspective and make it truth. Whatever your strategy, we always keep our clients' needs in mind, along with price range control, effective time control, and developing a stress-free atmosphere.

Austrick Event is a regular speaker in the event control worldwide, speaking at several conventions and colleges such as the CIBER program at the UCLA, Forehead School in Delhi, School of Modern Delhi, and Indian State School.

Austrick Event rests on the forums of Unique Occasion Journal, The Unique Occasion Institution for Expert Development, and the case industry charitable society, The SEARCH Base.

About Our Team

Our Team are professional expert with over three decades of occasion and location control experience. During his profession, we have recognized himself as an active market individual and leader. A business organization comprising exhibitions, fairgrounds, and reasonable related businesses throughout North America. He is also Previous Chief executive of the Florida Power of Rushing Fairs, a Florida Joint Abilities

During 4 year profession, we have obtained prosperity of experience in a variety of event professions, handling the process from idea to finalization. We always provide a advanced level of service, creativeness and market skills. We have popularity for powerful systematic and discussion skills, with a confirmed record for providing excellent results within budget. Our teams have particular skills in handling great quantity and complicated strategies for educational, legal and drug applications and have supervised activities across the India, UK, Asia and European countries, Center Eastern and Japan on part of worldwide companies.

Let's get your Event Services! We look ahead to listening to from you!

Austrick Event also provides event management and location control talking to solutions such as long-range preparing, program and policy development, needs tests, training, and common control assistance. Our solutions are available throughout the country to help companies, companies, exhibitions & celebrations, families, occasion locations, resort properties and an "Extreme Theme" approach to high quality occasion presentation.



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